Where can I buy Taho?

Ever wondered where can you get Taho in BGC, Taguig? Where can I get my childhood craving satisfied? Manong Taho is so elusive, you usually don’t see one within Fort area. You can get Taho in these 3 places: a. Sinangag Express in the 2nd floor IPC foodcourt (outside the building) in Mckinley Hill, b. Taho Boy in G/F of Market Market near BPI ATMs, and c. Manong Taho along the streets of Lawton Ave and Bayani Road.

Taho in Sinangag Express are the cold taho and costs P30.00

Taho in Taho Boy has both the hot and cold version, pricing below, starts at P32.00 for hot and P35.00 for cold.


Manong Taho