What apps can I use for food and grocery delivery?

Did you know that there are grocery apps already that can deliver not only groceries, but wine, cupcakes, rice, even Wagyu Beef? MetroMart and Honestbee apps are life savers! You can schedule delivery – both date and time, you can pay via cash or credit card. You need to choose your area, as they not cater to all areas, but they definitely deliver in Taguig.

I found it very useful when you have rice and fresh milk delivered (since they’re heavy), last minute missing grocery ingredient while cooking, or emergency wine and cheese for impromptu guests visiting, and they would deliver it right to your doorstep. Also for items that are not within the area like Kitayama Wagyu Beef (which is located in Chino Roces Ave., Makati), no need to drive all the way to Makati for your steak fix!

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MetroMart App

MetroMart App Delivery Charge is FREE when you reach P1,000 minimum, they have Shopping Fee (P80.00) and Delivery Fee if you don’t.

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Honestbee App

Honestbee App Delivery Charge is FREE when you reach P1,500 minimum (but they would have free deliver promos from time to time), they have a fixed Concierge fee (P99.00).

I have used both and I’m satisfied with the service, MetroMart used to deliver SM Groceries, but it’s not part of the stores they cater to, so I now use Honestbee for Robinsons Selections.

Note: You can also access their services via Web



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